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Easy Peasy Pizza Stir Fry Recipe

Pizza is definitely a kid favorite, but not usually a healthy one. My kids love our alternative, Meatza, but it is messy to make and takes multiple pans. I’m a huge fan of stir-frys and decided that the toppings of pizza would make a great stir fry. After a few tries, I finally have a recipe […]

10 Simple Steps Toward a Zero-Waste Home

It’s clear that plastic is becoming a huge problem in our society and environment. As consumers, it can sometimes feel like there’s nothing we can do to stem the flow of single-use products onto the market (and then into the landfill). The zero-waste movement is one way we can make a difference in our homes […]

Addie Conner on the Benefits of Cork Rolling

250: Sustainable Fitness, Cork, and Benefits of Rolling With Addie Conner &nbsp I think today’s topic is a fun one and an unexpected twist on physical fitness and well-being. This episode is going to be all about foam rolling and why it should be part of our daily self-care. I’m here with Addie Conner, the […]

Why Mineral Sunscreen Is Safer for Us and the Planet

If you’ve been reading Wellness Mama for a while, you probably know that I don’t wear sunscreen regularly. For one reason, I want to get vitamin D naturally (which is important for actually protecting against sunburn and skin cancer). Also, I prefer optimizing my natural protection by eating foods that support it. I also avoid […]

Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks Recipe

We are big fans of gelatin at our house and we use it in a lot of different ways. These homemade fruit snacks and homemade marshmallows are the kid-favorites in our house, and I can feel good about giving it to them since it is a source of protein and vitamins. Erase the idea of […]

Why to Try Fermentation in Your Own Kitchen

I often sing the praises of bone broth as a healing food, but fermented foods are just as important for a healthy body. Fermented foods are a great way to get probiotics in the diet (among other things) and are very easy (and cheap) to make at home. What Is Fermentation? Fermented foods are foods […]

How to Start Composting at Home

One of the tenets of organic gardening is to feed the soil, not the plant. The easiest (and cheapest) way to do this is by composting kitchen and yard scraps to make rich organic fertilizer. Composting is fairly easy and can be done almost anywhere (even in an apartment), so there’s no reason not to […]

Cauliflower Beef Stroganoff Recipe | Wellness Mama

My mom is French and my dad is Irish, but one of our family favorite recipes growing up was a Russian one… beef stroganoff. To me, you can’t beat this combo of savory beef, mushrooms, onions, and a touch of sour cream. Here we’ve made it even a little healthier by swapping nutritious (and lower […]

Ionized Water: Healthy or Hype?

248: Alkaline and Ionized Water: Healthy or Hype? – With Thai Cabados &nbsp Drinking clean water is one the most important things you can do for your health. I’ve written whole posts about the benefits of water and water filters, but my guest today is talking to us about an angle I haven’t covered yet: alkaline […]

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