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If You Drink It Daily, the Result Might Scare You

Is Coke dangerous for you? Lots of recent studies show that consuming sodas every day can harm your health. Here’s a list of the most convincing reasons to refrain from drinking Coke. Reasons, like heart problems and risk of cancer. Pay close attention to this video to stay healthy.

Vitamin deficiency 1:20
Bone fractures 2:16
Dental erosion 3:13
Anxiety 3:51
Obesity 4:46
Skin problems 6:07
Heart and blood problems 6:50
Risk of cancer 7:31
Insulin resistance 8:46
Kidney failure 9:27


-Along with caffeine, which has a diuretic effect, phosphoric acid in coke starts washing nutrients and vitamins out of your body 60 minutes after you had the drink.
-Another risk of having too much phosphoric acid in your body is getting bone fractures.
-The high acidity and sugary ingredients of Coca-Cola cause tooth enamel and cavities.
-Along with sleep deprivation, anxiety is a side effect of consuming caffeine. Each can of Coke contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of strong coffee.
-A 20-ounce can of Coca-Cola has 240 calories in 17 teaspoons of sugar in it.
-Consuming soda has an inflammatory effect on the body due to high levels of sugar. It dehydrates the skin, emphasizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
-An increased level of bad cholesterol increases the chances of a heart attack.
-Due to the presence of benzene molecules in Coca-Cola and its plastic package, doctors recommend sticking to 1 can of Coke a week to reduce the risk of cancer.
-Soda changes the life of cells dramatically. They become resistant to the effects of insulin.
-Zero sugar Coke contains artificial sweeteners that are way too unhealthy for your kidneys.

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    Vitamin deficiency 1:20
    Bone fractures 2:16
    Dental erosion 3:13
    Anxiety 3:51
    Obesity 4:46
    Skin problems 6:07
    Heart and blood problems 6:50
    Risk of cancer 7:31
    Insulin resistance 8:46
    Kidney failure 9:27

  2. It’s so good. I’m still drinking it after this. IM addicted. I can’t help myself

  3. Tbh everything you just said should be labeled on every soft drink

  4. Yikes! I didn't know of all of the negative side effects of daily soda consumption. Thanks for the info!!!

  5. How about drinking a lot of Pepsi?

  6. Sometimes too much sugar makes me go to the bathroom

  7. Can Starbucks coffee have the same effect?

  8. My dad knows im basically addicted so he sends me the link to this vid but im still drinking soda while watching this

  9. like if you never again buy cola

  10. Cola drinkers: is't not harm and is't not junk food

    Me: ihate cola proff im not drinking cola i dink water

  11. I drink 5-12 mountain dews a day for 2 years and I’m 12

  12. I’m drinking coke and wahtchinf this at the same time lol like if your drinking it to😃👍🏻

  13. I'll drink 1 coke a week .. that is my promise~

  14. they said coke… so i guess i'll drink sprite instead

  15. People are addicted to alcohol or drugs.
    And I am here addicted to coke and chips.
    Well I am f*cked!

  16. I drink coke everyday, and I think I'm still normal, I think nothing changed in me (hope so)

  17. I swear if I see someone say something like this in the comments, ima slap them through their computer screen. "Coco cola is the best drink for you! Better then water! Don't listen to the video guys! Coca cola increases your strength, immune system, eye sight and etc"

  18. I Always drink coke in my school :O oh no …. after watching this! i have to stop! 🙁 But i love coke 😀 But i wont drink any more 😀

  19. watching this while drinking coke

  20. i drink coke everyday and i didn't get any of the things mentioned above

  21. i drank coke while watching this 😂 Btw does this apply to kids?

  22. Coke does not have the same caffeine as a strong cup of coffee. Coffee has around 100 mg and a strong cup could be around 200 or 300 mg. A can of coke (12 oz) has 29 mg and a 16 oz has 39. Smh

  23. I'm slowly pouring my coke away while watching this….

  24. If you drink one can of soda, you will need 36 glasses pf water to completely clean it off

  25. Time to ban Coke. This is the problem with the free market folks. Coporations can make products available that are dangerous and have no purpose.

  26. I'm scared now of all soft drinks! Someone help me

  27. I drink coke once or twice a year so I think I’m fine

  28. ive been drinking coke for 50 years

  29. Does this go for any soda? Bc I drink a lot of coke,pepsi and Dr Pepper

  30. I have been drinking over 4litres of coke a day for over 10years now have to say I dont have anyone of these problems not everyone is as lucky I guess.

  31. " You dont want to get cancer do you? " That's exactly why I drink it everyday. Awkward.

  32. what's the name of the soundtrack you used for this video?

  33. I don't care I'll still drink coke

  34. I’m only 97 pound? 13 year old so I could drink some?

  35. This message was brought to you by dr. Pepper

  36. This video is so much advantages to myself. I come from Thailand. At the former, I had been a lot of consumed cokes.

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