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10 Easy Ways to Deal With Anxiety at Any Age

What is anxiety? It forms in our brain as a response to stressful situations. Our body reacts quickly to produce adrenaline, which helps us to fight or run away from the source of danger. The same thing happened when our ancestors met a predator. Today, however, this bodily reaction can be provoked by way less […]

The Easiest Way to Stop Your Eyes Twitching

Have you recently noticed your eye twitching? It can be a bit alarming to have your eye twitch every few seconds. But most of the time, eye twitches are benign and can be treated with simple methods. It doesn’t affect someone’s vision or mental faculties. According to certain cultures and superstitions, if your left eye […]

There Is a Color That Damages Your Eyes

It’s amazing how something as seemingly insignificant as color can influence your mood, emotional state, and even your health! What’s more, one particular color can simultaneously make you feel calm and relaxed and irrevocably damage your eyesight! How so? And which color is it? TIMESTAMPS: Black 0:56 White 1:57 Red 2:50 Orange 4:33 Brown 5:28 […]

8 Mind Tricks to Keep You Off Junk Food

How to beat your unhealthy eating habits? There are a lot of simple things you can do to stop your body craving junk food. But they all start with training your brain. Whether you want this for your weight, blood sugar level, or overall health, these tips can help you stop craving fatty, unhealthy foods […]

Press Here Just 10 Times, See What Will Happen

What is acupressure? It’s a Chinese massage that can improve your daily life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s been used as a method of healing for over 2,000 years! Traditional medicine takes advantage of these pressure points to stimulate different areas of the body. While there are literally hundreds of these points all over your […]

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