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Ban Shoes In Your House: 9 Reasons Why

Should you take your shoes off inside the house? Not everyone’s in the habit of doing that. If you’re one of these people, you should know that bringing your shoes in can carry dangerous bacteria, make your feet smell bad, and spread germs all around your home.

In addition, shoes can also carry dirt and mud. The mud itself won’t make you sick — but who’s to say there aren’t animal droppings in the mud that’s stuck to your shoes?

Your shoes will accumulate bacteria 0:51
You can’t escape picking up bacteria 1:53
Children are more susceptible 2:55
Shoes can make your allergies worse 3:52
Dangerous toxins can affect you 4:34
Your house will get dirty 5:38
Shoes can exacerbate bunions 6:20
Giving your feet a “shoe break” can stop foot pain 7:11
Your feet will get stinky 8:20

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– The researchers collected germs and microbes from shoes and found 421,000 units of bacteria there. This included E. coli, a bacteria that can give you extreme diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, and, in rare cases, meningitis.
– If you like to put your feet up on the coffee table now and then or get into bed for a quick rest with your shoes on, you’re spreading bacteria not only to your home’s floor but to your bed and places where you eat.
– Babies and toddlers often put their hands on the floor and then put them in their mouths. If they are constantly crawling on a germ-infested floor, it’s very likely they’ll get sick often.
– If your immune system is weakened, you should definitely leave your shoes outside. Otherwise, you can expect to be coughing, have dry eyes and a dry throat, and be blowing your nose nonstop.
– In addition to bacteria and toxins, shoes can also carry dirt and mud. Many people who want to keep a clean carpet ask their guests to place their shoes outside, not knowing that it’s also saving them from dangerous microorganisms.
– Your feet are meant to be free every once in a while, not just when you sleep. If you wear your shoes all the time, even indoors, you are putting more pressure on your toes.
– When you don’t give your feet a break, it’s likely that the connective tissue in your feet will become “glued together” over time.
– If you never take a break from the same pair of shoes, by the time you take them off, the odor coming from the area might be strong enough that it makes you gag.

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  1. I'm Asian, I don't wear shoes in the house. 👟

  2. My family does this already. But I have Tailors Bunions, and my foot and ankle Dr told me never go without shoes. He said it will aggravate the bunion.

  3. that was a very good good video it will help my dad

    keep making more.

  4. My dad brought shoes inside the house.

  5. Americans keep their shoe inside? In Canada we always remove shoes when we enter homes.

  6. Shoes outside means no shoes. Yep. People steal them. Good idea, but impossible where I live. Also super impossible for apartment buildings.

  7. How do you ask your visit politely to take off their shoes once entering your house and not having to repeat it again (if they intend to smoke or leave but put on their shoes in your living room and then walk around as if they have forgotten your “rule”)? Does anyone have tips? Also how do you ask your visit not to bring their dogs when they visit you without insulting them? It is not personally…..

  8. ban this channel before it makes an excuse for making everything bad

  9. I am European so I do always take my shoes of


  11. My parents in my house have this rule so we don't get diseases.

  12. Asians already always do this, sooo….

  13. Woow, my mom watched this video, now she makes me take off my shoes 😠

  14. me and my fellow asians were right

  15. The only time I wear shoes is when I go outside XD

  16. Or you could just clean your shoes regularly

  17. I’m never watched this

    Why do people wear shoes inside ewww I don’t

  18. In Europe, in the US and Canada people do it! But in many countries in Asia and even in Aribian countries, people don't ! The guy who makes this video, is an Asian guy! I think

  19. Asians are the best no shoes at house even we have another shoes for garden we don't use the shoe that we walk to outside in the garden

  20. My feet in this state due to dystonia need shoes on to be able to walk at all…. Be rational n sovereign. Do not condemn.

  21. i have a problem with that i don't like cold shoes i live where it get cold and someone will steal them what if you han expensive shoes and you left them outside and they are gone the next morning

  22. Who tf wears shoes in their houses? Y'all are wack

  23. Uhh actually I already banned it

  24. Western culture
    No need to say

  25. lived in apartment, apartmen's bug man was about to come in with shoes.
    me "could you please take shoes off?"
    bug man "my shoes are clean"
    me "YOU CAN LEAVE"


  27. you must genious to do that…….

  28. Hi guys if my channel gets 1000 or more subscribers I will do a $500 giveaway on my next video

  29. Ya shoes in the house is weird. Makes no sense

  30. Should I also cut my dog's feet off? Get real girls, this channel lies.

  31. I like Japanese houses they always are clean people

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