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All the Signs You Have a Jewelry Allergy

Having some sort of allergy is no rare occurrence. You’ve probably heard of the really common peanut or shellfish allergies. According to Food Allergy Research & Education, up to 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies alone! But what about less common allergies? Did you know that a lot of metals that are often found in jewelry can cause some people to break out in painful rashes? So how can you tell if you have a jewelry allergy? And if you do, is there any relief in sight?

A nickel allergy 1:10
How can you know if your skin is irritated from metal? 1:54
What can you do to get some relief? 2:25
How to treat irritation on your ears 3:12
How can you know which metals are safe for you to wear? 4:39
So what about sterling silver? 5:54
Which metals are 100% safe for those suffering from a nickel allergy? 6:13
Other ways to prevent an allergic reaction 7:22

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– One of the most common metals that people develop an allergy to is nickel. In fact, 5-10% of the population is known to have a nickel allergy!
– After wearing a necklace or a ring made of a metal you’re allergic to, you may notice redness or a bumpy rash where the jewelry was touching your skin.
– To help the rash heal, you can apply an anti-inflammatory steroid cream, like cortisone cream, to the affected area. Once your rash has healed, you have the option to wear the jewelry again to see if it gives you the same reaction.
– When getting your ears or your child’s ears pierced for the first time, it’s a good idea to go with hypoallergenic labels, like “nickel-free,” to decrease the risk of infection.
– Copper and brass are typically the culprits behind this skin staining. While these marks aren’t necessarily dangerous, they’re not exactly pleasant to look at.
– If you’re allergic to nickel, which you now know is incredibly common, you can simply look for jewelry pieces that have the “nickel-free” label on them. Keep in mind that most cheap costume jewelry contains nickel, so staying away from those is a pretty safe bet too.
– To make sure you choose gold jewelry without any traces of nickel or other metals like copper, it’s best to stick with pieces made from 12 karats of gold or higher. While some gold jewelry can have traces of other metals, the percentage is quite small in high-quality jewelry.
– Argentium is actually a type of hypoallergenic silver. And it’s also tarnish-resistant.
– There’s a reason why jewelry made from platinum tends to cost more. This high-quality metal is hypoallergenic and never contains traces of nickel. And you can bet it won’t leave a green mark on your skin.
– Be sure to take any jewelry off before washing your hands or showering. The soap and water can scratch the metal, exposing materials you’re allergic to.
– You can also avoid scratching your jewelry by cleaning it regularly and storing it in a safe dry place to prevent it from tarnishing.

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  1. I actually love wearing jewelries. Unfortunately, I have this jewelry allergy 😥. But because I love wearing it, I try to wear one then when my skin starts to have rashes, I stop wearing it and wait until it heals and wear the jewelry again.😅. I'm such a hard headed girl 🤣

  2. I have this allergy and don't wear jewelry unless it's really silver.

  3. I'm kinda allergic to stainless steel after wearing a watch I found a red spot where it was sitting.

    Once I was wearing a necklace and after a few days of wear o had a small amount of bumps but I turned my skin red

  4. I have signs of jewellery allergy but I don't wear any jewellery

  5. I already know that I have a jewelry allergy. Why am I here?

  6. I wear white gold about a lot so I can be sure I'm not allergic

  7. My friend has a jewelry allergy

  8. I react really badly to nickel. Really badly. As in hundreds of small blisters that then pop and secrete goo and irritate and take forever to heal. I often avoid nickel but have been caught out a few times. Once by a tablet that had a metal back and another time by a belt buckle, that wasn't fun, all over my belly, thousands of blisters.

  9. Ugh why me
    First alergys to way to many trees around my area that can lead to death if not treated
    Second allergic to silver copper and nickle
    Third super delicate skin
    Ya i have a hard life on those terms… my friends say they have a bad life r.i.p me

  10. Have allergic reactions to silver and nickel… it sucks

  11. I have a jewelry allergy because when I put some earrings on white stuff came off my ear and when I try to take it off it leave a redness ear.

  12. I have a necklace made of peanuts, and cant breathe when I wear it.

  13. My skin can not tolerate any metal at all that isn’t sterling silver. I can’t even wear gold or platinum or titanium. I get welts and itchy rashes and swelling. I have never quite understood what makes sterling silver the only kind I can wear. But it works out because I prefer silver anyway

  14. I did not know you can get allergies from jewelry

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