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9 Hidden Pool Dangers You Don’t Pay Attention To

When you think of swimming dangers, you might think about drowning or dealing with animal encounters. But there are so many other dangers hiding in a public swimming pool and other large bodies of water that you can’t even imagine.

The Center for Disease Control found that 58% of the water filters they examined in public pools tested positive for the bacteria found in feces. So swallowing water in a contaminated pool can lead to diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps for up to 3 weeks!

Feces in a pool can make you sick 0:46
You can get an ear infection 1:35
Copper and iron can turn your hair green 2:17
Chlorine can set off your asthma 2:56
You can get athlete’s foot 3:41
Pool lights can be electrical hazards 4:25
Be aware of dry drowning 5:06
Chlorine can damage your hair 5:49
If you are sick, you could be a danger to others 6:39

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– If you’ve had children over to your house pool and you’ve spotted a dirty diaper in the water, empty the pool of swimmers, and follow the CDC’s recommendations for disinfecting your pool
– When water is left in your ears from your swimming escapades, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. The best way to prevent this is to dry your ears after swimming.
– If you are blonde or have light hair and visit a swimming pool, you might get a shock when you look in a mirror afterward…and notice your hair has changed color!
– The characteristic chlorine smell is what you get when chlorine mixes with sweat, hair, urine, and skin. For asthma sufferers, that strong smell can actually irritate their lungs.
– Swimming pools are one of the top places where athlete’s foot gets passed on, along with communal showers and changing rooms. If there’s a person swimming in the pool with athlete’s foot, there might not be anything you can do while in the water, but you can take steps to prevent it.
– If you are in a pool and you get a tingling sensation on your body, leave the water immediately as there might be an electrical current. If you suspect that someone is getting electrocuted, turn off all the power, and call for help.
– If someone survived drowning and they are coughing or beginning to gasp for air, it’s best to head directly to the emergency room. To prevent this situation, always head to a doctor after a near-drowning.
– Chlorine is a harsh chemical meant to get rid of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, it can get rid of the healthy oils in your hair in the process.
– You might think all’s well, but people who are recovering from diarrhea and go swimming can spread the crypto bacteria to others.

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  1. Narrator: "Always make sure to live on the bright side of life!"

    Video: Hidden Pool Dangers

  2. I’m a swimmer and the chlorine ruined my hair too 😕😕

  3. Parts of My hair turned green after i swam in a pool for like a week

  4. so ur saying that we should not go swimming?

  5. 50k views in a 21 million subs WTH

  6. I didn't know that their can be so much dangers in a pool! THANKX bright side!

  7. Thanks for the info, but I never had any of these things happen to me. I have been swimming for 3 yrs, 5 times a week, and I don't get how these dangers never infected me.

  8. One day i was in my cuzen's boy friend pool in a pool party and then when i got there i got in the pool and then i almos died i swimd at list i wasint to far


  10. wow, im goin to the pool today

  11. I have only experienced swimmers ear

  12. I have had swimmers ear

  13. Wellp, I'm now scarred from swimming ……. thanks :l 👍👌

  14. I have athsma and I don't get athsma and nothing happens when I go to my apartments pool.

  15. I've actually swallowed the chlorine water because I was going down waterslide belly down because you had a raft and all the water was splashing and it went inside my mouth and I was experiencing those symptoms

  16. Thank you 5 minute crafts, very cool.

  17. I wear swim caps when i swim so i don't have to worry about chlorine

  18. Who else got a pool ad to buy one?

  19. I don’t mind of the hair one because I’m brown

  20. on no.1 I got forced to go swimming when I was ill.

  21. Or just not over think things, have fun and live? 😀

  22. I swam every day for 2 weeks and I got an ear infection. It’s gone now but it was soooo painful

  23. Number 8 the ear infection
    That happened to my Dog ones

  24. Chlorine destroyed my hair i always had shiny strong hair and when i went in a summer camp we went in a pool everyday so chlorine made my hair weeker not shiny and gave me dried scalp ya know those little white pieces
    Do you know how can i get rid of them?

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