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8 Signs You’re an Unhealthy Person

How to know that it’s time to promote your health? There are a lot of ways your body tells you whether you are healthy or not, although some of the signs might be less than obvious. Some of the most low-key body functions can really tell you how you’re doing with your health. Do you know, for example, that an overly large waist can put you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease? Or that pimples on your chin can be a sign of digestive issues? Or that dark urine means your body is dehydrated?

Your urine is dark 0:37
Your skin is blemished 1:35
You’re always catching colds 2:27
You don’t have any energy 3:17
You are losing too much hair 4:12
Your legs are swollen 5:04
You have a large waist 5:44
You’re constipated 6:44

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– Dark urine usually tells you that you’re dehydrated. In this situation, almost your entire body is affected. Your skin gets dry, your muscles might cramp, and you could experience a headache.
– The skin is the body’s largest organ. When the body wants to get rid of an irritant on the inside, it often uses the skin to eliminate it and alert you. That can look like psoriasis, acne, eczema, or other rashes.
– If you don’t get enough sunshine every day and have a poor diet, you might also suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.
– You might attribute low energy to a late night out, but if fatigue comes for no clear reason, you should look into common causes: a weakened immune system, dehydration, a cold or the flu, being anemic, and low blood sugar levels.
– If that’s you, you can rest assured that you’re still healthy! If there’s no clear reason for hair loss and your hairbrush suddenly seems to have taken half your hair with it, it can mean that you’re undergoing excessive stress levels. At that point, hair loss is called hair shedding.
– The retention of fluid in your legs can sometimes be a sign of problems within the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, or kidneys.
– This is because abdominal fat releases fatty agents and inflammatory hormones, which eventually increases your cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure.
– Thyroid issues, lesions in your colon, and diabetes are common causes of chronic constipation. If you suspect an underlying condition, you should get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.

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  1. I'm healthy and I drink water and eat healthy food. I love sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think I have the leg one… Probably because I am just lazy, but I'm good.👍

  3. I get acne on my face, sometimes I wear makeup through my day so I can hide the acne away. When I went into the doctor to check with my acne, the doctor gave me this dapper thing and cream. I have to dapper 2 a day it work but the cram didn’t help me with my skin. The doctor say I have to wear oil free makeups and all those things

  4. I have oily skin and am 12 so acne is fine right ????? Lol

  5. im only 11 years old and i havent thrown up or had cold in dad tells me to eat a kale salad everyday. thank you bright side for giving me heads up on things thanks.

  6. number 1: YOU GOT DIABETES

  7. Through out the world every people are affected by any one of the signs nowadays

  8. My immune system is so good I didn't get sick from March last year to a few days ago

  9. My waist is well over 35 inches, so I'm definitely unhealthy. I need to work out now

  10. My grandma is stressful/stressed and every time she brushes her hair clumps fall out.

  11. I am going to drink lots of water

  12. Female narrator is only for girls or not?

  13. I had only one of these things. A lot of times I don't get enough energy. I think that is cuz I am going to sleep at midnight.

  14. I try to have vitamins every day

  15. Every month of a next year i allways Match colds on matter where i go or where i am i all ways hace a cold every year does That count for Númber 6 you all sus Match colds leave likes if you agree

  16. Please make a video :How to remove pimples!!!!!!!!!!Please

  17. I like these videos, they are helpful, but a lot are inappropriately titled. They should be titled more like "10 more reasons to make your doctor unnecessarily filthy rich for something that should just be plain common sense".

  18. Oh wow sooo scary

    goes eat noodles

  19. I stretch 30mins after a have awoken :0

  20. @jake aruna…..but its night

  21. Give us a diet that work after all those symptoms.
    Now we need a proper solution


  23. I’m healthy, I’m just going through puberty with some acne but I’m good, thx BS

  24. Well I have a lot of acne because I’m still going through puberty…lol

  25. I watch your videos to stay healthy

  26. When I get acne it’s probably because I’m on my period

  27. I love her voice SO much more than the dude’s.

  28. 9 – Taking Medical advice from YouTube!

  29. Kon he ye log Kaha se aate he

  30. I have a big waist/ stomach but that’s cuz I eat too much

  31. Hey I healthy. It I have cramps and headache

  32. Its what you call PUBERTY should have made it more specific 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  33. Well better drink more water

  34. Am I the only one who keeps thinking that my cell phone is ringing while watching this video?

  35. Is it weird I always eat junk but I rarely get sick?

  36. What is the temperature dropped below 361.82 degrees Fahrenheit? (the point where oxygen becomes a solid)

  37. What if your a teen who has acine.

  38. Go away.
    No thank you in my recommendations.

  39. Let’s talk bout the thumbnail…

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